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Dawn has two sons, Jon and Nick. Dawn formerly worked in the retirement services industry, with pension law and compliance as her specialty areas. As a former mayor and city council person of Mt. Auburn, she wants to preserve and protect small town life. Dawn has finished her second two year term in the Iowa House of Representatives. She served in the 81st and 82nd General Assembly and is looking forward to service in the 83rd. Dawn represents District 39 which is all of Benton County and Marengo, Honey Creek and Washington townships of Iowa County. Her committee assignments for 2009/2010 are Commerce, State Government, Ways and Means, Rebuild Iowa and she is the Ranking Member of the Ethics Committee.

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    Dawn, What a hoot!! and I am very delighted that you are writing this blog. Perfect mix of information and business with a whitty mix of fun! I like your style, keep up the good work! Do you write a column for the Eagle or Times? I’m looking forward to the Women 2 Women gathering on the 19th. Thank you for organizing it, I am excited about the topics. See you there if not before! Rhonda

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    Well…I may be out of my mind, but I ended up on your web site rather serendipitously – and well…you look very much like a friend of mine that I lost track of around 25 years ago.

    So, if you are “Dawn whose son is named Jon, who I met in Michigan City, IN….I just wanted to say hello to you! I have always wondered what you were up to! Sounds like you’ve built a wonderful life Dawn – and I’d sure love to hear back from you!


    Jacqui (Jacobson) Hatzell

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